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1.  Food Quality                         GREAT       GOOD       FAIR       POOR

2.  Quality of Service                 GREAT       GOOD       FAIR       POOR

3.  Atmosphere/Ambience        GREAT       GOOD       FAIR       POOR

4.  Bar/Bar Drinks                     GREAT       GOOD       FAIR       POOR

5.  Restrooms                           GREAT       GOOD       FAIR       POOR

4.  Did the host open the door and greet you with a

     WELCOME TO CHEDDAR’S?               YES        NO

5. Did a manager visit your table?                YES        NO

6. Do you feel you received a good value?  YES        NO

7. Is this your first visit to Cheddar’s?          YES        NO

8. Would you return to Cheddar’s?              YES        NO 

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